"Wow! Bellydance is a real workout! I feel it in my arms and my belly! I love it!" -Sabrina K

"I feel so much better after talking to you! You really are The DynamicMom! I'm Inspired!" -Qiana T

"Oh wow! I knew you looked familiar. You're the DynamicMom! I visited your website I love it! I used your Label System to organize my kitchen cabinets! It's great!" -Kimberly T

"Thank you for giving me the hope that Black Women can do things they never thought of doing before. I accomplished my dream of going back to college. You showed me that lost dreams awaken and new possibilities do arise if we keep our eyes on the prize. When we met and I spoke with you, you instilled in me a motivation of encouragement that you probably don't realize. I wanted to just say Thank You, Thank You! You have motivated an older sister that at one point thought it was not possible to do what I have always wanted to do, Get My College Degree! Keep touching spirits like you do and you will be Blessed." -Michelle E   

"I just wanted to say I enjoyed your Bellydance & Yoga Class!" -Carina H

"I just wanted to say a big THANKS for inviting me into your home shopping parties and giving me the opportunity to promote 'Polished & Pretty'. Thanks again & Stay Fabulous!" -Tanisha D

"You are a great teacher in every way. I really appreciate you." -Laundia

"I Love My AVON Business! I have somewhere to go... I have a goal everyday! I wake up and say, Who can I share my AVON with today! I really needed this in my life!" -Jeteea L  

"I'm excited about my AVON Business! I can make money and be home with my kids! I watched your cooking videos too! I'm going to make that garden veggie pizza for dinner!" -Keashia F

"Thank you so much Salimah for helping me start my AVON Business! I'm ready to do this!" -Claudia S

"My Avon Business will help me fulfill my dream of working for myself! I've always wanted to own my own business!"-Jaha D 

"Keep up the good work. I am embarking on my journey of raising a child and starting my own business. I take inspiration from people like you. Thank you. The picture of your family is beautiful!" -Latonya D

"SHIMMYOGA is my Wedding Workout! I'm going to look so beautiful in my dress! I love it!" -Felice W

"Wow! SHIMMYOGA BELLYDANCE is a real workout! I feel wonderful Inside and Out!" -Renee B   

"Good Morning! Feeling refreshed this morning after having a challenging two weeks! Last night's SHIMMYOGA BELLYDANCE Class At The LADIES ROOM rejuvenated my spirit! Thank You to the Awesome, Talented Bellydance and Yoga Instructor- Salimah- Yey! You are truly an inspiration and great instructor!" -Eunice C. 

"YOU ROCK!" -Khadijah A

"Work It Girl!!  So Proud of my friends and sisters getting it done!" -Kuan-Yin T

"I go to your Facebook Page everyday to see what you post. I've been doing that since we reconnected. You've always had that energy that's uplifting- ever since we were little. That's just the nature of your spirit! I love it!" -AR Yoba

"You always make me feel so special! Thanks for everything! Ronald enjoyed his cup (of coffee) this morning! He said thank you! I am very grateful to have an amazing sis like you!" -Sophie D

"I joined the MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT CALL last night and it was AMAZING. I learned how to organize my decision making based on a simple formula that will guide the proper outcome. Don't Sleep on Salimah, she is the TRUTH!" - Nichelle C

"Great [MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT] Call Tonight! Love The Empowerment Tips!... Thank You Salimah!"- Greta T

"Now that's a beautiful family! Congratulations on all that you guys have going for you!"- Nicole & Reginald R

"Great [MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT] Call Tonight Salimah! You're a diva in the true sense of the word, inspiring others to be their very best and living your life as an example of what women can accomplish. Thank You!" -Sharon W

"Thanks for an AMAZING [PICTURE YOUR DREAM-VISION BOARD] Workshop. Thank you for the opportunity! What a wonderful experience!" -Shantae S

"Truly inspired me today! still looking at my VISION BOARD!" -Shantelle M

"Finished my VISION BOARD! Thanks again for the inspiration! Also watched 'THE SECRET' last night AMAZING!!! Truly enjoyed it and learned a lot! Thank you so much!" -Nichelle C 

"Love you so for all you pour out...Thank You!!" -Kuan-Yin T

"Thank you so much Salimah for sharing 25+ years of wisdom and knowledge. Last Sunday's [MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT] call discussed our brand, what we value and stand for. This call SEALED THE DEAL on an issue I have been contemplating. I made a choice that speaks volumes on my Brand. Thank you my sistah!!!" -Nichelle C

"I just want to thank you so very much for your mentorship, love and wealth of knowledge that you share with myself and the other sistahs [on the MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT CALLS]. I look forward to the day when I can sow a GIANT seed into your life/ministry. For now, I send my love and gratitude on paper. May your year continue to be DYNAMIC and may your wisdom, love and wealth be known & followed for generations to come in your family line and in the lineage of others!" ~ Maria M. 

"My life has truly been blessed because God has brought us together. You have awakened a spirit within me that was long asleep. I love you for life, your spirit, your swag & your love. Thank you." ~ Cheryl B.

"The intensive journaling renews my mindset to help me get unstuck from fixed ideas. It also enables me to see various patterns I may have formed knowingly or unknowingly. Thank you for the [MOMSPIRATIONS CALL] lesson on JOURNALING Salimah. It has created alot of space for me on my journey of growth & transformation! I am grateful for the "aha!" moments that journaling reveals! The best is yet to come!"~ Maria M.  

"Your [MOMSPIRATIONS CALL] topic tonite, 'These Funds Are Spoken For', WOW!! It was not only powerful and empowering, it was spiritually elevating. The analogy that our energy is equivalent to money(currency) was such an affirmation...You stated, and I am paraphrasing, that sometimes situations, if we allow ourselves to be engaged with it can take inappropriate and incorrect energy amounts from us caused by the actions of others, through no fault of our own; and can potentially overdraw our emotional and physical bank account. However, it is in those moments that we have the power to "void" that transaction and give that energy back to ourselves. We get to choose and decide how, when and how much we spend our energy currency on, no matter what the situation is. Thank you again for such an inspirational and motivational message. Continued abundant peace and blessings to you always!" ~ Rashidah Id-D  

"I am so honored to offer this testimonial about one of the services on our DME COMMUNITY BUSINESS RESOURCE LINKS PAGE! I clicked the link and contacted our LEGAL SHIELD Associate Alexandra Mcmanus with a question about my son getting his own membership (I currently have a family membership but he recently aged out). Alexandra let me know that since my son was already on our family plan, I could just do a small upgrade to the new 2014 plan to extend his benefits instead of him purchasing an individual plan for himself- which is just what I did! I so appreciated Alexandra's attention and service. Her focus was taking care of my family, even if her efforts did not result in a sale! It's sistahs like Alexandra Mcmanus who make me proud to have her LEGAL SHIELD weblink represented on our RESOURCE LINKS PAGE! If you don't already have a membership, PLEASE click the link and purchase yours with Alexandra! You'll be in great hands!" ~ Salimah Abdullah-King   

"There's a very special lady that truly blesses me...she inspires, encourages and is extremely supportive...God bless you Ms. Queen of Divas...thank you for believing in all of us." -Shea M.

"I am so pleased with our experience with DYNAMICMOM TRAVEL! Our hotel stay was wonderful and your service was fabulous, personal, and stress free! My daughters, nephew and I had a great vacation! We definitely will be back to book our next trip!" -Aishah A.

"I just want to thank you so much for the advice you shared with me regarding the topic of MARRIAGE! Since our conversation, and after applying what you shared; my marriage has made a complete360 degree turnaround!! I am excited and in love all over again!! Thank you Sis!!" ~Khadijah A

"I had the most wonderful and carefree experience working with Salimah to book a cruise for my husband and myself. It was my desire to not have to deal with the tedious and timely details. She pulled everything together, presented it to us and we made a decision as to which package to take. We are very excited about our upcoming [first] cruise! Thank you Salimah. We appreciate your expertise!" -G. Hinds