"We were a Homeshooling Family for 11 years-from 1998-2009! When we started, our daughter Nakkiyya was 9 and our son Hasaan just turned 7. It was an amazing experience for each of us as individuals and as a family. Daddy paid the bills & mommy served up the skills! The commitment & sacrifice were great and the benefits are still manifesting to this day! I was also running a direct sales homebased business so I incorporated Entrepreneurship & Leadership into our curriculum. Homeschooling has definitely Enlightened, Engaged, Enterprised & Empowered our Family Forever! CONNECT WITH ME to explore your family's Homeschooling Options. You can Supplement their current schooling experience, do a partime, weekend or a fulltime program like we did. As mothers, we are our children's First Teachers. No one knows more about our children's needs and abilities than we do. Remember, where your children are concerned, YOU ARE THE EXPERT! You don't need any special degrees or certification to homeschool. Even though each state has it's own rules & laws regarding Homeschooling/ Home Instruction; IT IS YOUR RIGHT AS A PARENT TO HOMESCHOOL YOUR OWN CHILD. It's not easy, but it sure is amazing! 










Homeschooling provided me with the opportunity to discover Nakkiyya & Hasaan's individual Learning Styles and design educational plans that supported them. I was really able to learn who my children were as students, individuals and Divine Gifts! One of the biggest things I learned was to recognize their overload points. That's were the "Boogie Breaks" came in! Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Motown! Boy did we get down! Then we got back to work! Fun times!



 Homeschooling did not mean that we stayed at "home". Both Nakkiyya and Hasaan had full activity schedules! They were members of IMPACT Reperatory Theater, The Brotherhood-Sister Sol Youth Organization & Stanley Issacs Beacon Program (all in NYC). Nakkiyya was accepted into the Brotherhood-Sister Sol International Studies Program and performed community service abroad in South Africa! She also ran her own AVON/Mark Business and explored her love of Beauty, Fashion, Styling & Modeling as a member of LA Street Models in NYC!



 In addition to being a member of IMPACT Reperatory Theater, The Brotherhood-Sister Sol Summer Day Camp & Harlem PAL; Hasaan also studied guitar at The Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts and penned an insightful monologue at age 9 that he performed with IMPACT Reperatory Theater! The most amazing gift that Homeschooling gave Hasaan was his life purpose at 7 years old! He began his journey in the Martial Arts. He was trained by some of the best instructors the Martial Arts world has to offer including Professor Dwayne Thomas- DFT Karate; Sensei Ed Stevens & Shihan Irshad Bey- Sekou Bushido Kan in NYC. Hasaan developed his art and competed in competitions throughout the Northeast USA. His Sensei's nurtured him and groomed him to follow in their footsteps as an instructor and after a grueling promotion test, Hasaan earned his Black Belt!


Homeschooling created an amazing bond between Nakkiyya & Hasaan. They learned how to be supportive of each other and even tutor each other in certain subjects. They discovered their own academic strengths and weaknesses through self assessment and participated in curriculum planning to nurture the strengths and elevate the weaknesses!


Today, Nakkiyya is an empowered young woman of 28years! She works as a Branch Manager with a major bank in Atlanta GA (The YOUNGEST IN THE MARKET!) and She's completing her Undergrad Degree in Business Marketing. She's done modeling, styling & makeup in Atlanta GA and is looking to do more on the business end in fashion! She also sings as a member of the praise team with her church! She's committed to Living Her Dreams! Nakkiyya also has an impressive Performance Resume which includes: Film- Disappearing Acts (HBO); Music- The Rose that Grew From Concrete, CD Song Tribute to the Poetry of Tupc Shakur; Print- Photo In NEWSWEEK Magazine Article on Preparing For College! Nakkiyya has truly mastered Goal Setting & Achievement! Even More, She Has Discovered How To TRANSFORM HER LIFE BY EMPOWERING HER FEMININE SPIRIT! She's a true Leader & Role Model for Women and Girls of all ages! We're so, so proud! WOORK DAUGHTER! You're A Homeschool Success Story!  


Today, Hasaan is 26years young and working as a Security Officer for his "Day Job". He is now an 18 year veteran of The Martial Arts! He is a Lead Instructor at Champion Karate & Fitness in Douglasville GA under the mentorship of Sensei Samantha Hostettler-Fincher. Karate has taken Hasaan both National & International. He has both competed and coached his students in KATA, Weapons & Kumite. He is a USA National Champion and Competed as a member of the USA International Team in Brazil 2011! It has always been Hasaan's dream to have his own Dojo and he will be opening those doors in the near future! Hasaan is committed to helping both children and adults live more healthy & fit lives! Early in his homeschool & Karate career, Hasaan was featured in a PSA Commercial that aired during Black History Month called History In The Making. In The spot, Hasaan shared his experience and love for Karate which also included a Kata demonstration. He is just as dedicated and enthusiastic today as he was then! Karate has helped shape him into a mature young man with a quiet intensity, incredible knowledge base and inspirational mentor! A true Homeschool Success! The Story Continues!